MIDDLETOWN: A Thanksgiving Musical

Starring Salem Communications and Fox News Contributer Mike Gallagher, Middletown is a family musical about land developer Max Black (Gallagher) who returns to his hometown with the intention of demolishing the old Wilson High building to build a new office complex. But the townspeople, and Max's old school chum Jim Green, want to stop Max and convert the old school into a new community mall. As the battle rages with Middletown and his family, Max Black learns a lot about himself…and his past!

Music by  Bruce Wermuth & Marshall Such
Lyrics by: Jan Halverson & Larua Ainsworth
Book by:  Marshall Such, Pat Reeder, Laura Ainsworth & Bruce Wermuth


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Middletown was originally conceived as a teen musical, S.O.S. In July of 2008, Bruce Wermuth, Marshall Such and Jan Halverson, along with Production Manager and Videographer Annie R. Such, assembled a group of actors at the Runway Theater in Grapevine, TX over a weekend (thanks to Runway President Kenny Green!) to shoot scenes from S.O.S. Much of the S.O.S. plot was translated into the Thanksgiving story of Middletown.

Same stage with Mike Gallagher!

Mike Gallagher talks about "Middletown" on his national radio show and sings "God How I Miss You."

Here's Mike singing Danny Boy in his annual St. Patrick's Day tribute.