BAM! "Artwork" 05.25.15

TradRad Pictures is proud to partner with long-time NYC composer L.J. Nachsin and singer-songwriter Zack Weber in this drawing room dramady. Take "Much Ado About Nothing," change names, mix in Nachsin & Weber's incredible music and BAM! 
A new musical is born! 

See What BAM! Is All About!

Read Ken Davenport's Script Coverage of "BAM!"

Read Davenport Theatrical Script Coverage of "BAM!"

Song Demos for “BAM!”  Music and Lyrics by L.J. Nachsin & Zack Weber  © 2009 

“Trippin’ Along”   Ben

“It’s Our Turn”   Colt and Honor

“Every Time I Run In  To You”    Bea and Ben

“Show The World I'm Somethin'”  Dawn

"Mr. Nobody" Dogberry and Virgil

“Turn Off The News”  Ensemble

“The Truth”  Colt and Don Pedro

“Let’s Roll The Dice”  Honor and Girls

“Am I A Fool To Be In Love”  Ben and Bea

“It's Our Turn-Wedding" "Hey Hey Baby”  Colt and Boys

                                    ACT II

“Bottle Of Scotch”  Dawn and Connie

“Watch Over Me” Honor, Leo and Colt

“Have to Do”  Colt

“You Won’t Be By My Side”  Bea

“Rear View Mirror” a/k/a Don't Look Back   Ben

“Tell The People Finale”  Ensemble

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