A Responsibilty To Theatre

One of the things that strikes me when going to the theater is the number of elderly and the absence of people in their 20’s through 50’s.  Sometimes, depending on the show, there are tween girls attending, but rarely young boys.

Part of the TradRad Pictures mission is to use television to entice people back to the theater.  And NOT the Cineplex 80!  Live theater.  Filming a live performance, no matter how many takes it requires to get right,  😉 will hopefully illustrate the immediacy of live theatre and pique the curiosity of a new generation.

What are we hoping for?  Getting 4 million-plus people to watch one of our shows on television for the entire two hours.  And when a road tour is mounted, maybe 1% coming out to see it live.  40,000 seats sold ain’t a bad place to start!  And it will hopefully lead to bringing more people back to live theatre.  Our responsibility as producers is to create and develop shows that will make all this to happen.

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