Line, Line, Everywhere A Line (Blockin’ out the scenery, breakin’ my mind)

Enough Five Man Electrical Band reference. So we build a very inexpensive stage using old 4′ X 8′ stage flats secured with 3/4″ pressboard atop these very handy folding sawhorses from Lowes.  And we assembled a 10′ X 7′ screen via a very cool, only-a-screw-driver-required kit from Creative Shelters.  (Also needed 1″ electrical conduit pipe.  Whole thing with pipe, kit and fabric was under $300.) We hooked up the trusty MacBook to the projector and fired up images and stock movies.  Looked fantastic–bright, crisp and held up to our stage lights pretty well.

TradRad Pictures Test Stage. Tearing down before storm.

But the enthusiasm we felt was soon dashed. When shooting video, we got horizontal lines that would travel from the bottom of the screen to the top.  Very annoying.  After hours of troubleshooting and Google searches we realized that while the images looked great to the naked eye, the Canon DSLR camera saw something entirely different. Watch…

Without going all tech geek, suffice to say our beautiful ViewSonic PJD7583W wasn’t going to work.  The DLP technology is wonderful but cannot be captured on a DSLR camera.  Trust me.  We tried everything under the sun.

Thanks to Rags Gardner for lending us the old NEC projector he had in his closet.  Even though the images weren’t that bright, you can see there are no lines in the images.  And special thanks to my Sancho Panza, Josh the intrepid intern, for helping set things up and hanging around to run tests.

Next attempt will be with a more powerful LCD projector. We know we can film (videotape?) images without artifacts.  Now we’ll see what we can create on the TradRad Pictures portable patio stage!

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