Getting The Script To Soar Part III

Image by Marco Bellucci

Would you rather watch?

A. A very entertaining video compilation where people do some really stupid/amazing things.  Or,,,

B. An O.K. musical with good music but less than stellar story.

A. Recently released movie that was an 75 (out of 100) on Rotten Tomatoes.  Or…

B. A good  play that’s well acted, but is kind of predictable.

A. Two hours of your favorite TV shows or sporting event, commercials zapped, served with your favorite snacks and beverage.  Or…

B. An awesome film version of Wicked that you can only see at an Imax theater which is 30 miles away.

Ten years ago when Stephen Taylor and I penned Radio! The Musical there were many choices for entertainment.  But NOT like today! Holy Molé!  Goodness gracious great balls of firewire!  To create greatness simply isn’t enough anymore; we’re competing in a global (and if Curiosity finds life on Mars, an intergalactic) market with bars set so high aforementioned Curiosity will be needed to find them, fergettabout attaining them.  THEN you’ve got to market the bejeezus out of the product to niche audiences? Yikes!

Not for everyone but they know their audience!

Yet ironically, those sitting in Darwin’s waiting room with concussions, missing teeth and broken bones from their idiotic (albeit entertaining) exploits have become one big ass source of entertainment. (Playing off the Jackass name.)  Can see a studio releasing Jackass.  But Jackass 2.0, Jackass 2.5, Jackass 3D and Jackass 3.5?!? Egad!  How many different ways can a guy get kicked in the groin?!  But they sure know their audience and how to reach them!

Must confess: I watch these things and, as the text abbreviation so aptly denotes, find myself ROFLMAO.  IMHO (quite the hipster, huh?) this type of entertainment melds Evel Knievel, The Three Stooges, Harold Lloyd and the World Wrestling Federation into a new form of entertainment.  Yet unlike the staged antics of the WWF, “daredevils” like Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O really do perform injury inflicting stunts. Right before our eyes!

Is writing a play/musical that will reach a mass audience that far removed from Stupid Human Tricks? Where one requires guts and a cavalier attitude the other requires, hmm, guts and a cavalier attitude! Which I shall prove in my next post.

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