Budget! (Budge It?)

Saw a really cute show tonight, “Road To Qatar.”  Sort of a “road trip musical” about “two short Jews” who are hired to write a musical for an emir in Qatar.  (THAT is a joke right there!) Cast of five talented people; two of them playing multiple roles.  The music was good, the acting superb and the story/book was very funny.  Would love to have it as a TradRad Pictures project!

There wasn’t really a set as much as a few props that saw multiple uses.  And they worked just fine.  Great lighting, a scrim and some poor man’s Lion King puppets rounded out the production.

Why would this work for TradRad?  Because it’s fun, has mass appeal and would properly work better on TV in Hi Def than the theater because we could use close-ups, cut to  reaction shots, frame nice mid-shots, etc.  And the running time was nearly perfect: ninety-five minutes.

The best part?  A cast of five makes for a very manageable budget. Enough perhaps so that a more traditional movie musical could be shot on a sound stage.  Other than a scene called “Safari,” nearly all the action takes place indoors.  Easy and fairly inexpensive to create.  Hope to get a shot at this show sometime in the future!

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