Kickin’ It New School With Kickstarter

So we’re now two weeks into our Kickstarter campaign. And I’m BEAT!! Knew going in that we were in for some work, but 12+ hours a day?!?  This guy’s blog says it all…

We’ve sent emails to about 700 theatre groups, a bunch of personal emails, posted on both the TradRad Pictures and personal Facebook page, Tweeted just about every day, joined forums, sent out press releases–this sure ain’t your daddy’s era of marketing! No tacking up flyers on phone poles like the old days!

Biggest issue is not pissing people off.  You want them to be aware of the campaign and that you’re passionate, and do it without being a pest. Truly a  balancing act! The journey continues!

“The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.”–Oprah

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