Photos from BAM! Second Reading May 22, 2013

The BAM! Readers At The Ready

To me the biggest part in creating great musical theatre is starting with a strong script.  BAM! already has fantastic music courtesy of L.J. Nachsin and Zack Weber.  So the process of hearing the characters speak, tweaking the words, trying different inflictions, etc. is pretty dang important!

Many thanks to Beauen Bogner, Heidi Wermuth, Jessica Cope, Lillian Adrea deLeon, Brian Brissman, Nikki McDonald, Steve Sheridan, Jesse Sheridan, Laura Renfro, Joel Frapart, Nelson Wilson, Seth Chavez and intrepid intern/Badass character, Josh Creek for bringing BAM! to life!  Oh!  And a special shout out to William Shakespeare for providing such a fun story for a musical. 😉

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