“Gearing” Up For BAM! Cast Recording

Looks like we put off shooting BAM! until 2014. ūüôĀ Thought we had all the pegs in the holes but this is theatre after all. <sigh> So we’re still going to make a Cast Recording with many of the fine folks who helped turn the BAM! script into a workable play.

We’ve already recorded the Beatrice and Ben duets along with selected dialog to introduce the songs. ¬†GREAT session with Brian “Ben” Brissman and Jennifer “Bea” Perryman. ¬†A good time was had by all! ¬†But the way our recording monitoring system is currently configured, the vocalists hear the same mix as mo√≠, your humble producer-turned-engineer.

So I’ve taken the plunge: have purchased a headphone amp system and reconfiguring the monitor playback so I can hear what I want and the singers will have their own mix. Whoo hoo!

Since BAM! is set in 1967, thought it’d be kinda cool to get as many vintage sounds as possible. ¬†So…have picked up some truly retro drum loops to get the 60’s vibe and a cool microphone preamp that dates back to that era. Of course, finding such a rare item also means some headaches!

Back in the day, outboard equipment wasn’t just plugged in like gear today. It required an external power supply which I was lucky enough to find on eBay. But the cable that connects the power to the preamp is another story! ¬†Spent WAY too many hours searching the web and found only one source for this cable. ¬†And it wasn’t cheap: $50 for what is nothing more than a glorified mic cable. ¬†But when you’ve gotta have something essential, you pay the piper. Really getting excited about our new “semi-pro” studio!

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