The “BAM!” Cast Recording Part 1

What a month!  Quite exhausting but collaborating with some incredibly talented actors and singers recording the BAM! Cast Album makes it hardly seem like work.  A wonderful surprise from vocalist-musician and studio singer, Jennifer Perryman.  We’ve been “casting” about (sorry) for a “Beatrice” and when Jen came in to sing the Bea parts, we found out she can ACT!  I mean, just an amazing performance with the dialog parts! That gave Brian “Ben” Brissman an opportunity to show off his acting chops, not to mention fine vocal stylings.

Also this week: Zack Weber made the journey from Austin to Big D to not only sing the “Colt” parts but to show his incredible acting prowess.  Another wonderful surprise!  He really captured the innocence and tribulation Colt’s experiences.  Working with Zack was the super fill-in gal, Erin Maher, who read the “Honor” lines like a pro!  Then Nelson “Don Pedro” Wilson and Zack had some very nice moments on the songs “The Truth,” “Turn Off The News” and “Tell The People.”  Zack is such a talent!  Not only did he write most of the songs (along with L.J. Nachsin) but at three a.m. he hauled his guitar into the control room to lay down some Beach Boys style guitar.  A great collaborator and super professional young man.

Then it was on to record “Mr. Nobody” with Steve “Dogberry” Sheridan and Joel “Virgil” Frapart.  Didn’t know exactly where the song was going until Joel lets out a Robert Plant-worthy scream on the instrumental section. Aha!  NOW we’ve got something to play with!  These two guys just cracked up vocal producer Bruce Wermuth and myself!

Finally, Wednesday night we gathered as many cast members as we could to sing ensemble parts at Crystal Clear Studios in Dallas. Such fun being in a large studio with a bunch of people who had helped bring BAM! into it’s current incarnation. Having the quiet confidence of Bruce Wermuth at the producing helm made the session fun for everyone.  (Funny how the show changes as the music gets recorded. Some happy accidents and surprises.)  Watch a quick behind-the-scenes of the session here.  More to come!

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