Good-bye BAM! Hello, Muse!

After over a year’s work and more money than I intended to spend, our musical BAM! will comfortably rest on a back burner. Still love the tunes and think there’s probably a book that would better serve the great music. Or maybe there’s another Shakespeare play where we might borrow the plot? (We tried Taming of the Shrew with some success but a incredibly horrendous reading spooked me.) So William Shakespeare? Thank you much for Much Ado. And thanks to all the excellent actors who gave BAM! a good ol’ college try!

That out of the way…with political correctness run amok, ladies and germs, boys and goyim of all ages, TradRad Pictures proudly present:

Did I mention this is a politically incorrect show? Here’s the first song our young Black hero Jefferson sings. And yes, it’s a real song. Small spoiler alert: Jefferson sings it to goad his best friend, William.

It's a peppy little number for sure!

Yeow! You guys are kidding, right? Um…no way, José!

Come on and hear something new and (politically) blue. More later.

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