Bringing Muse to Life

When we workshopped Radio! The Musical video taping duties were assigned to my daughter Annie who was 11 at the time. She and that 8 mm video camera soon became inseparable. Annie developed an incredible eye and began shooting movies in high school. It didn’t hurt that she attended Booker T. Washington High School for the Visual and Performing Arts in Dallas where she had a talented pool of actors from which to choose.

Today, Annie lives in New York and is using her degree in Theatre Arts from University of the Arts in Philadelphia to pursue her dream. While shooting video has taken a back seat to acting, stage combat directing, playwriting and producing theatre, she still makes part of her living as a videographer.

Yep! She's for sure a producer! :)
What is Christmas without your daughter being on the phone? 🙂

Annie has me pretty convinced that, to create a great show, do it in New York City. <Gulp!> New York City?!? I thought you guys were, like, Texas-centric?!?

We are. In fact, current plans are to record the music in Dallas and the vocals in the Big Apple. Evidently there are a number of really talented musical theatre actors who can bring American Muse to life. Huh. Go figure. Actors in New York looking for work, who would have thunk it?

Now the biggest question: Do we try and bring it to the stage first? Or in true TradRad Pictures style, create a video to promote the show? Stay tuned! I’m sure the answer will become apparent as we get further into development!

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