The Muse Is On The Loose!

We’re happy to announce that American Muse is being financed by a dear friend and lover of musicals, Melissa! Whoo-hoo! After seven years of work, we feel the timing is SO perfect for this politically incorrect time-travel musical comedy. And no, we didn’t consult Donald Trump for ideas. 😉

I wanted to see how our original business plan video from 2010 stacked up to our current plans for Muse.

TradRad Pictures Business Plan 2010

Surprisingly, most of the plan is still valid in 2016! The only real difference is final delivery. While we’ll still place Muse on a cable channel, we’re thinking of presenting live instead of pre-recorded.

Remember, NBC did not start their Christmas musicals until 2012 with The Sound of Music. Also, this year Fox broadcast Grease and The Passion as live productions. We’re smelling a trend! We believe The Hallmark Channel, Bravo, Logo, ABC Family, etc. will welcome a fun show with music from composers like George Gershwin, Irving Berlin, George M. Cohan, Jerome Kern and other great American composers.

Despite the politically incorrect jabs, American Muse at its heart, is a patriotic show perfect for fly-over country. So we’re setting a tentative broadcast date of Labor Day 2017 for its premiere. And of course, downloads of the music and video plus DVDs and CDs will also be available.

The song “Coon, Coon, Coon!” will be scrapped even though it’s historically correct for the era. But the creative team thinks it’s a little TOO politically incorrect for television. I must admit: they’re right. Stay tuned!

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