Further Vindication from Berliner Philharmoniker!

Aha!  Yes!  Hallelujah! The Berlin Philharmonic is seeing the writing on the wall as well.  Then again, judging from the number of audio and musical plug-ins I have on my Mac from the Germans, it’s not that surprising.  They are true technophiles.

The premise is:  you want to see a wonderful live performance of this fine symphony.  But you either 1). Can’t afford the tickets or 2). Are not near where they’re performing or 3). Haven’t the time to toss on the tux and take in a night at symphony hall.

Their Digital Concert Hall allows you to watch the Berlin Philharmonic in HD and stereo from the comfort of your living room.  And the production values are terrific!  Multi cameras that cut between the conductor,  sections of the orchestra and an overview of the entire concert.  Bravo!

Cost for a season pass with unlimited access is 149 Euros or $224.00 US approx.  You can also buy individual concerts, previous concerts and even highlights from individual concerts!

Having caught portions of the Van Cliburn competition this year via the web, I’ll testify that it’s the next best thing to being there.

Is it the same as sitting in Bass Hall and having the live experience?  Nope.  Doubt it ever will, even with surround sound and 3D.  And the Berliner Philharmoniker promoters know this as well.  Other than video production costs, I don’t think they’re sweating bullets over their decision to broadcast.

Can live theatre be that far behind?  Stay tuned!

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