Labor Day: 2017 Our First Live Broadcast?

One of the greatest things about American Muse is the music. Duh, right? As I’ve told doubters about this show: We could do American Muse In Concert and the American public would love it. With it’s patriotic message and ┬átimeless tunes–some that are nearly 100 years old–the music is just plain likable. And we’re re-arranging the songs with hip, Americana-meets-Dixieland orchestrations that incorporate styles found in today’s pop music. Hello Millennial, we’ve got some music you’re gonna like!

Currently, we’re working on pre-selling the show. But who’s the best fit? On a Labor Day weekend Sunday night there’s often special programming and Muse might be a tasty end-of-summer treat for America. And of course, we’d want to reprise the show again on Memorial Day and July 4th 2018. ­čÖé

Would Bravo, E! Entertainment or ABC Family (or whatever the heck they’re called these days) be a good fit? What about the Hallmark Channel? How about the CW on Sunday night? They generally run movies from 7-9 EST. Why not make our American Muse live broadcast something really special for Labor Day 2017?

If you think about the competition with the local channels, the CW would really benefit from a unique, live special. And we’d be reaching MORE people despite the CW’s meager ratings because they’re still an over-the-air broadcaster reaching people who don’t have cable or satellite.

So here’s our one-sheet to (hopefully) pique interest from someone in TV land. More┬áMuse news to come!

We're still working on the slug line. This will work for now.

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