Serving Muse On A Silver Platter

Make It Easy For Your CustomersBack in the days of syndicating Radio ID imaging and production libraries, I learned one valuable lesson: customers are far likelier to buy if the product is ready to go. No assembly required. Just add water. Batteries included. Plug ‘n play.

While we often customized ID jingles with the station’s call letters and slogans, we’d always provide many alternate mixes of each cut. In other words, the station never had to mess around trying to edit the full sing jingle with the instrumental mix-out. We’d already have those mixes for them!

We’re applying this same concept to our production of American Muse. I truly believe that if a major cable channel had a show that’s ready-for-broadcast, especially on a Holiday weekend, they’d be far likelier to buy. Our business plan includes preparing American Muse so thoroughly it can go directly to television and (hopefully) to stage after the broadcast.

Knowing human nature and having attended so many meetings throughout my career, I know our broadcast partner will want to dabble with the show. To which we say, “No problem.” By not having sets and elaborate props–our vision is for a simple production relying on costumes and lighting–the network can decide how much they want to dress up the production. Muse will be blocked, choreographed and thoroughly rehearsed with our cast so adding whatever they want to gild the lily will only require a couple rehearsals prior to broadcast. And since we are creating this product on an austere budget, the network should have funds aplenty to make Muse look like a big time production! Easy-peasy!

For the past couple days we’ve been working on our bullet points and tweaking the show description to 1). Generate curiosity and 2). Describe the basicĀ American Muse plot. Check it out–more to come!

Trying to get the verbiage exactly right

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