Ready For Lift Off!

This Saturday, September 17, 2016 and the American Muse rocket is launched! Well, to be more ‘down to earth,” we’re having our very first reading. 😉

Our book has been through an amazing transformation from the first draft I began 7 years ago. While our story of Ashley Vanderbilt Brown’s not-so-excellent adventure has remained intact, our book writers, Pat Reeder and Laura Ainsworth have really brought the characters to life and deftly handled some politically incorrect issues with humor and aplomb. And Laura’s incredible re-lyricing of many of the songs has really focused the story!

While the analogy of launching a show being akin to a rocket launch may seem oblique, there are many similarities.

  • There’s a tremendous amount of pre-planning with both events. Each takes years of development.
  • Skilled professionals–from Pat and Laura’s expert touch to Bruce Wermuth’s amazing skills as Music Director to my tunesmith partner Stephen Taylor’s infectious new ditties–there’s a lot of teamwork.
  • Both launches require fuel. And thanks to our angel Melissa, we have the “fuel” (funds) to make it to this “stage.”
  • A rocket drops its booster stage as it reaches outer space; we’ll lose songs, dialog and probably even scenes as we soar upward.
  • There’s always fear that a rocket launch can be disastrous. We have the same gut wrenching fear.
  • NASA, an American agency, (used to) launch spaceships. We’re launching American Muse.

OK. That last bullet is a bit of stretch but you get the idea. Wish us luck on our journey!

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