The Agony of De Feet

Sometimes it seems like I’m running a marathon with “American Muse.” After an excellent reading nearly a month ago, it’s incumbent on me to create a demo that will:

  • Represent an overview of the show.
  • Give the networks an idea of how it will look on stage.
  • Be very entertaining.
  • Sell my potential audience on the potential of “American Muse.” (He said, using “potential” twice on purpose.)

With my feet covered in callouses from constantly returning to the starting line, I am discovering new things with each re-start.

For example, the advances made in video production are a jillion miles advanced from where they were 10 years ago. I can now take video from different sources, size them to match and create an entirely new scene! Creating cool graphics is also a cinch. And a quick plug for Apple: Final Cut Pro X is extremely easy to use, albeit deep in terms of the program’s potential. (There’s that word again!)

That said, it’s the damned text–those magic words that will generate interest to start a dialog–I need to convey that’s driving me freakin’ nuts! Working on the assumption that everyone now has some form of Attention Deficit Disorder, being pithy is a must. Telling the tale of a girl and her sorority “sister” Lance being time zapped to 1917 in thirty or sixty seconds requires a monumental effort. And then showcasing the music, comedy and subplots? Oy!

But, like every demo I’ve every created–and there have been hundreds–the path will be made clear. Hopefully before I meet with our investor Melissa again! 🙂 Film at 11 musical fans!

Trying to make magic!
Fourth (or fifth?) version

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