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It’s really surprising how good this script is after nearly 8 years on the shelf! Middletown began as a teen musical, SOS, back in 2008 when we spent a weekend filming scenes at Grapevine Texas’ Runway Theater with a group of talented young actors. At the time, High School Musical was a monster hit so we decided to cash in on the craze.

At the same time we were working with theatre lover, actor-singer and national radio talk show host, Mike Gallagher. Mike loved the idea of creating a family musical where he would star, so we rewrote the SOS story with emphasis on one of the adult characters, Max Black. We had a table reading with Mike and some of our favorite local actors and son-of-a-gun, it worked!

Mike Gallagher as Max Black in Middletown.

So the good news is we have a really strong script with some fantastic songs–especially those from TradRad Picture’s Music Director and Composer, Bruce Wermuth. Now 8 years later, the bad news: the cast is WAY too large to be cost-effective. Arg!

Since Middletown flashes between 1973 and today, maybe we can have actors double up parts? With wigs and period clothing, believe the flashbacks might work. But the other issue in the chorus size; currently we have 7 adults and 7 teens! Yikes! If we reduce this to 4 teens and 3 adults, that will bring the cast total to 18. Still large, but doable.

Back to the script! Now we’ll arrange scenes so there’s time for costume changes and quick set changes. Fix that and we’re there. Stay tuned!

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